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Our History

Lola & Dean Olsen standing in what is now the parking lot at Miracle Hot Springs.
In the building on the right are the first 6 baths. The current office, baths 7-15, the 4 outdoor pools and the 6 VIP baths now occupy the land directly behind them.


The first day in business (1960) brought in $2.50 @ fifty cents a bath. Word spread and in the early 1960’s he found it necessary to build the big outside pools, followed shortly with baths 7 through 15. Dean’s vision paid off as he made a living sufficient for his needs.

Meanwhile, I graduated from college, became a professor and started wilderness programs throughout the west, always with my eye on Miracle Hot Springs as the home place!

In 1977 my father asked me to take over so he could retire. I moved my family of 8 children to Idaho and we immediately found out just how much it really took to maintain the quality and reputation that my father had built over the years.

In 1984 a great flood nearly wiped us out, covering everything in a thick layer of silt and mud. The old spring and pipeline were destroyed and we had to drill a new well, closer to the pools. It took two months to repair the damage.

This disaster gave us an opportunity to begin renovations. The first steps were almost exclusively underground as we dug up old lines and replaced them. Since 1984, my children and grandchildren and I have worked on renovations and serving at Miracle Hot Springs. That makes four generations of Olsens working here. Dean and Lola Olsen have both passed on, but their spirits are felt in the wonderful landscape and warmth of the water. Several of their grandchildren have said they thought they glimpsed grandpa sweeping the sidewalks on especially sunny mornings.