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Miracle and Banbury

Hot Springs

Buhl, Idaho

Welcome to Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs

Miracle Hot Springs is truly a  Geothermal Oasis in the Desert. Rejuvenate year-round in the continuous flow of natural hot spring water that is soft to the touch and odorless with a sensational alkaline pH of 9.6. Come find out why most people say it is the best hot springs they’ve ever soaked in.

Banbury Hot Springs is located 1.5 miles east of Miracle on the beautiful Snake River.  It has been providing the healing benefits of the geothermal mineral water to the public since 1920.  The 120 by 60 foot swimming pool and 5 private baths are heated by the artesian mineral water that bubbles from the earth at 138 degrees and is cooled to a very comfortable temperature with cold spring water from the snake river aquifer.

The entire family can enjoy the amazing benefit of the hot mineral water at Miracle or Banbury Hot Springs. Enjoy a soak in one of the private hot pools or make new friends in the outdoor swimming and soaking pools. Any time you like it – Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter – Come and find the relaxation you deserve, and enjoy the “The Best Water on Earth!”


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